Teqball table "TEQ-One"


Technical Data

material table       HPL laminate

material frame      steel, powder-coated

material net          acrylic glass

dimensions           3000 x 1700 x 900 [mm]

                             (length x width x height)

weight                  147 kg


Item-no.: RDPKZ0014

147 kg, RDPKZ0014, TEQONE, EAN 5 999 887 126000
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product information 

TEQBALL table | 'TEQ-One'


The high-quality and specially rounded TEQBALL table is gaining more and more popularity in the sports sector.

TEQBALL has become extremely popular, and here as well, it offers both youth and adults an increasingly popular separate sport - TEQBALL.


The table resembles a table tennis table but is slightly curved upward towards the net from the player´s perspective.

The basic structure is made of powder-coated steel and shines through the processed HPL (High-Pressure-Laminate).

The material used has the property of being explicitly protected against external bending forces as it has been pressed under pressure and high heat with the carrier material. The net is made of acrylic glass and is equally extremely stable.


The high-quality materials used and processed exhibit a stable stance.


The frame can be anchored to the ground making theft significantly more difficult. 

Additionally the TEQBALL table is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as it is not only protected against UV-radiation but also water-resistant.

Image shows player at a TEQ"Lite" table
Image shows player at a TEQ"Lite" table

The rules of TEQBALL are easy to understand and implement. The game is played using only the head, chest, leg, knee and foot. Additionally the ball must be played to the opponents half after three touches and it cannot touch the same body part consecutively. 

The player is not allowed to touch the table or their opponent. A match is won after two sets, with each set comprising twelve points.


ground anchoring: The frame can be secured to the ground, requiring an appropriate foundation or a solid surface.


delivery conditions : TEQ-One is delivered in individual parts as a suitable kit for easy self-assembly. The corresponding assembly instructions and mounting materials are of course included in the delivery.


delivery terms: The delivery is made by freight forwarder free to the curb (accessible area) and is free of charge within Germany (mainland). We will inform you about the delivery date by phone and email accordingly.



product features

  • easy self-assembly (two persons required)
  • ground anchoring possible (theft protection)
  • extremely robust and durable
  • UV-resistant and water-resistant
  • ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • optional in custom design 
Image shows Teqis-player at a TEQ"Lite" table
Image shows Teqis-player at a TEQ"Lite" table



This table is versatile and suitable for both indoor and exposed outdoor areas. The 5er TEQBALL is the official game ball available as an accessory.

Of course any other ball can be used. The significant advantage of the TEQBALL table is its capability for ground anchoring. This allows the table to securely have a fixed place outdoors and provides additional protection against theft. Naturally TEQBALL has rules like any other sports.


TEQBALL and other sports


Within three ball contacts the ball must be played to the opponent´s side. The ball cannot touch the same body part consecutively. The game is played exclusively with the head, chest, knee, leg and foot.

Touching the table or the opponent is not allowed. The winner is the one who could secure both sets, each consisting of 12 points.


Additional sports for TEQ table include TEQ-Qatch, TEQ-Volley, TEQ-Teqis and TEQ-Pong which is a kind of table tennis.


In the TEQ-Qatch game the ball is thrown the ends of the table. Where the player catches the game ball it must be returned within 3 seconds and can only touch the opposite table once.


TEQ-Volley is characterized by throwing the ball allowing the player who performed the serve to jump. In singles play the ball may only bounce on the opponent´s side after a touch. In doubles it can bounce once after two ball touches.


TEQ-Pong includes the same set of rules as the well-known tennis game.

Image shows player at a TEQ"Lite" table
Image shows player at a TEQ"Lite" table

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