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Our TEAMsport Products

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Even before the game a winner! There´s no more team spirit than at RoDi Sports.

We´re crazy about sports as our range shows.


We are an official partner of the JAKO brand.

The range includes jerseys, team clothing, soccer balls, sport bags and everything imaginable for team sports.


In addition to the team sports line, we also offer team wear for businesses, universities, institutions and clubs of all kinds.


Feel free to browse through our catalogs and inquire about the desired items

Of course we offer you a great discount on the listed prices.


And usual we take care of branding or flocking.

Browse through our catalogs

JAKO team sport cataloge 2024 - download
JAKO team sport cataloge 2024 - download
JAKO corporate team ware cataloge 2024 - download
JAKO corporate team ware cataloge 2024 - download

Stay with us on the ball - the brand world of sports

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We are happy to supply you with soccer balls that meet the highest standards.

We carry selected brands such as Jako, Fuluma and many more.

Balls in the club´s look

purchase personalized balls - soccer balls with club logo and club design

You're looking for high-quality training and match balls in your club´s outfit?

We can customize the balls with your team´s colors and logos.


Share your requirements with us and receive an exclusive and free quote.

We can deliver these customized balls starting from a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces.

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