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Jako soccer balls

Jako training ball Prestige blue



  • size 4 or 5
  • color blue
  • 14 panels
  • bonding technology
  • natural rubber bladder
  • FIFA BASIC-certified training ball


RDPKZ0036, Jako training ball Prestige blue, pay attention to size!
49,99 €

28,95 €

  • verfügbar
  • 3 - 5 Tage Lieferzeit1

product information

JAKO training ball „Prestige


High-quality training ball with 14-panel construction

The JAKO training ball Prestige is FIFA BASIC certified and consists of a 14-panel construction.

The high-quality training ball guarantees you optimal flight and playing behavior in every situation.

The bonding technology connects the individual ball elements seamlessly and guarantees consistent playing properties at any temperature. Inside, a natural rubber bladder reliably keeps the air in the ball.


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