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magnetic information frame | A4


Technical Data

material          magnetic information frame

                       with anti-reflective hard film

dimensions     32,3 cm x 23,6 cm 

                       width x height

                       (landscape format)

color                withe or black

                       (additional colors

                        upon request)


The price is for one piece. 

Delivery condition: loose (applied in conjunction with ball stand.)



Item-no.: RDPKZ0010

Magnetrahmen, RDPKZ0010
24,95 €

19,95 €

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product information

'magnetic information frame' | A4


Our magnetic information frames provide the perfect space for a game day announcement or for placing the game day sponsor. This allows showcasing a different sponsor every week, ringing in funds for the club.

For the ball stand, it is advisable to apply the magnetic frame on all four sides to maintain a consistent appearance and make the advertising message accessible to the audience every side. 


The magnetic frame can be unfolded, allowing for the insertion of a printed A4 sheet.

By default, the magnetic frame is applied horizontally on the ball stand but can also be attached vertically.


delivery condition: loose (applied in conjunction with ball stand.)


product features


·      magnetic information frame for changing sponsors 

·      allows insertion of a printed A4 document 

·      closure options through magnetic attachment of the frame

·      applicable in portrait and landscape formats

protective cover 'RoDi' | black


Technical Data

material          polyester fabric with double

                       stitching and velcro closure

dimensions     35,0 cm x 90 cm x 35,0 cm

                       (width x height x depth)

color                black


Delivery condition: loose in a storage bag.


Item-no.: RDPKZ0011

protective cover 'RoDi' black, RDPKZ0011
39,95 €

29,95 €

  • 0,25 kg
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product information

'protective cover RoDi' | black


Our high-quality protective covers ensure safety. Additionally, the cover provides optimal protection against scratches and damage caused by external influences on the wrapping. 

It also keeps dirt and contamination at bay, making it the ideal companion for transporting the ball stand to a tournament or any other location.


The quality product with velcro closure option is made with double stitching, giving the protective cover superb durability.


delivery condition: loose in a storage bag.


product features


·       high-quality product made from premium polyester fabric (waterproof)

·      resists dirt and damage to the ball stand

·      closure option for perfect attachment and double stitching (durability)