Advertising seats

Product overview

Our promotional seats - both seating and advertising

Our selection of different seating options can be fully personalized according to your preferences. 

They are the perfect addition to places of conversation and relaxation.

Your seating options adapt perfectly to both indoor and outdoor environments.

deckchairs and yoga cubes in custom design
deckchairs and yoga cubes in custom design

Customize your relaxation area with our deckchairs, bean bags, advertising cubes or even inflatable seats. If you need a special solution, we will design a custom seat for you.


printed deckchairs
printed deckchairs

printed deckchairs


How do you get customers or spectators to stay longer at trade shows or other events?

Of course with our deckchairs!

You can hardly offer a more obvious invitation to 'stay here!' and thus engage in conversation ideally. 

And the best way to do that is comfortably while sitting.

If the seat is unoccupied the chair still serves a very important function.

Advertising for your brand!

individualized cubes
individualized cubes


filled and foldable cubes


Cubes are true all-rounders in their field.

They replace stools, tables, partitions or help to delineate a space.

A filled cube wall allows for multiple quick changes of advertising messages.

After all each cube has six sides that can be adorned with different graphics.

Additionally you can confidently deploy the cubes in areas designated for the youngest customers.

And our foldable yoga cubes are great for storage and promotional seating furniture.

As mentioned - true multitaskers!

beer crate lids of a special kind
beer crate lids of a special kind


beer box seat


These seats are a practical way to creatively enhance a beer garden, bar or restaurant.

All you need as a base for this product is a beer crate.

The cushion can be individually designed by us. 

One thing is for sure here.

The gazes of your guests and spectators will certainly find the beer crate lid.

personalized director´s chair
personalized director´s chair


printed director´s chair


The role of the director is crucial and so is their distinctive chair.

Who directs for you or deserves a chair of this kind that not only invites relaxation but also conveys the feeling of being recognized and valued. 

Use this special promotional gift to leave a lasting impression.

bean bag in corporate design
bean bag in corporate design


printed promotional bean bags 


These modern advertising tools are immediately associated with comfort, relaxation and even lounging.

Their positioning sends a clear message, inviting one take a seat and relax to the fullest!

If you want to symbolize the image of an open, relaxed and friendly brand opt for seating options for your expression.


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