Advertising Boards

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advertising boards - get in the game!

Banners are products that allow you, your sponsors and patrons to showcase themselves perfectly.

Advertising banners are often found at sporting events, mostly held on the field, stadium, arena or in the gymnasium

A multitude of spectators is in excitement thus emotionally and positively receiving your advertising message.

foam banner with advertising logo and slogan
foam banner with advertising logo and slogan

But not only in the sports sector is the advertising banner an ideal advertising medium.

It is also great for delineating specific areas whether it´s one side of your booth at a trade show or to demarcate a playing field.

From our experience we know that advertising banners are also very well received in car dealerships.

space-saving, foldable advertising banners
space-saving, foldable advertising banners


Why advertising banners are worthwhile?

Our weather-resistant advertising banners are characterized by very high quality.

Furthermore they are easily transportable from place due to their light weight.

Additionally the advertising banners can also be used indoors as we use a fire-resistant fabric.

get to know our banner models

foam banners - the advertising triangle  


The foam-filled banner serves both an advertising and partial protective function.

It can also be used to demarcate certain areas, e.g., coaching zones.

Primarily the advertising banner serves as a carrier for advertising content such as logos of the organizer, sponsors or business partners.

We offer the banner in its standard form as a triangular prism advertising triangle.

However we are happy to customize your banner in a different shape such as a half-wave.

foldable sandwich band - oval 


This foldable banner is made of knitted polyester material.

The advertising message can be placed on both sides of the banner. Its interesting oval shape makes your advertisement attractive and fascinating. The folding system similar to that found in hiking and beach tents is called the sandwich fold. Due to the flexible fiberglass construction the banner can be folded into a figure-eight shape.

Additionally the connections of the advertising surfaces are reinforced to maintain the banner´s elegant shape

A convenient carrying bag ensures quick and easy transport.

foldable banners


Our foldable advertising banners are the ideal solution for on-the-go.

When unfolded they have the exact same dimensions as foam banners, but thanks to the folding option, they take up much less space during transport.

The filling of the banners consists of PE foam which can be removed via sewn-in zippers allowing for the cover to be changed.

This solution also makes cleaning the banners much easier.


foldable sandwich band - rectangle


Our rectangular banner is also ideal for creating boundaries, for example, for a sports field, a recreational area or a market stall.

Each sandwich banner is prepared for the use of an anchoring system keeping it in place in case of gusts of wind. The stakes are simply driven through the eyelets at the base.

Alternatively weights can be used for attachment on hard ground.

We offer special bags for self-filling with sand or gravel. 


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